1 Way Up in 3D

1 Way Up in 3D, is the story of Quillan Isidore and Tre Whyte, two teen boys on the road to the BMX World Championships. They hope to escape one of the toughest gang neighborhoods in London with the only thing they have - a bike. Defying the stereotypes of “black boys in hoods” and the media portrayal of Peckham, they race to the top of the BMX ranks and off the streets. The film follows Tre, Quillan, and their coach CK Flash’s preparation, race victories and defeats, and their interactions with family and friends, all leading up to the World Championships.

The film features a pulsating soundtrack of spoken-word and rap vignettes from musicians including UK rap artist Phreeda Sharp plus animated illustrations and archival footage of Peckham’s past. Filmed using cutting-edge 3D HD technology, including super slo-mo “phantom” cameras and 3D Go Pros mounted on bikes and riders, the documentary allows viewers to literally immerse themselves in the drama.